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Falcons Cup i T3 w Obornikach

Grudzień 8 - 08:00 - Grudzień 10 - 17:00

50PLN - 250PLN

Registration Form: https://goo.gl/forms/dqKcvQr8TcTFg9cB2
Schedule: http://feder.org.pl/scheduele-t3/

Dear fen­cers,

You re­mem­ber grat suc­ces of first edi­tion of Falcons Cup and Team Triathlon Tournament in 2016. We wan­ted to re­peat and expand the suc­cess of the last year’s to­ur­na­ment.
Ladies and gen­tle­men, Falcons Cup and Team Triathlon Tournament are now of­fi­cially the Polish Championships.

The idea is to make use of the for­mat used in sport fen­cing – team com­pe­ti­tions. You will need a team of three fen­cers (with one optio­nal sub­sti­tute fi­gh­ter in case of emer­gency). You fi­ght aga­inst other te­ams. Each fi­ght con­si­sts of three sub-fights to 5, 10, and 15 po­ints. First fi­ght is fo­ught with long­swords, se­cond with ra­piers and the fi­nal one with sa­bres. The first team to re­ach 15 po­ints wins the fi­ght. Points ga­ined in in­di­vi­dual fi­ghts carry on to the next fi­ght until the li­mit of 15 po­ints is re­ached.

Fighters are not re­stric­ted to a sin­gle we­apon and may fi­ght with ra­piers in some fi­ghts and, say, sa­bres in others.Therefore, du­ring each con­fron­ta­tion of two te­ams, the or­der of fi­gh­ters de­le­ga­ted to the three sub-fights is de­ci­ded in­de­pen­den­tly by both te­ams and pre­sen­ted to the re­fe­ree in se­cret.

We are big fans of be­ing in­c­lu­sive when it co­mes to fen­cing, and we are gi­ving an ad­van­tage to te­ams that will in­c­lude wo­men in their ranks. Such te­ams will get in­si­ght into the or­der of fen­cers cho­sen by the op­po­sing team, so they will be able to ad­just their own or­der to bet­ter co­un­ter the streng­ths of their op­po­nents.
The event va­lues te­am­work, spor­t­sman­ship and good fen­cing (not li­mi­ted to the long­sword!). The te­ams can con­sist of who­ever you want (mi­xed gen­ders, clubs or even co­un­tries).
T3 will be pre­ce­ded by in­di­vi­dual com­pe­ti­tion in Longsword, Rapier and Saber in „Falcons Cup” to­ur­na­ment

I hope you are exci­ted by now. We su­rely are.

Best re­gards,
FCT3 team


Grudzień 8 - 08:00
Grudzień 10 - 17:00
50PLN - 250PLN
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Strona internetowa:


Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 im. UNICEF
Obrzycka 88
Oborniki, 64-600
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