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Fechtschule – Joachim Meyer Memorial

Sierpień 19 - 09:00 - Sierpień 20 - 16:00


The event has been in­spi­red by Roland Warzecha and Tyrnhaw ‚Berlin Buckler Bouts’ and de­si­gned to pro­mote re­la­xed free play for stu­dents of Master Joachim Meyer’s „Kunst des Fechtens” (KdF) and, in ad­di­tion, of­fers a plat­form for hands-on di­scus­sions for scho­lars and prac­ti­tio­ners. There will be no to­ur­na­ment nor any par­ti­cu­lar sche­dule for work­shops, save for an in­tro­duc­tion into spar­ring mo­des fe­atu­red at the Fechtschule. In any event, feel free to join or watch any di­scus­sion or de­mon­stra­tion that may en­sue. You are we­lcome to bring other we­apons like the mon­tante, pole axe, side sword…  In all li­ke­li­hood, there will be time and space to expe­ri­ment with those as well.

The Fechtshule Heptathlon shall be fo­cu­sed on Joachim Meyer’s KdF, but any other com­bat sys­tem prac­ti­tio­ners are we­lcome, be they stu­dents of German Liechtenauer tra­di­tion, Italian Fiore dei Liberi, Bolognese or Spanish Destreza or pro­po­nents of an ec­lec­tic ap­pro­ach. Novices, who are in their first year of tra­ining, are we­lcome too, but note that there will be no par­ti­cu­lar be­gin­ners’ class. Nevertheless, you may hap­pen to re­ce­ive some use­ful per­so­nal ad­vice from ad­van­ced prac­ti­tio­ners. But, ple­ase, note that wi­thout an ap­pro­priate ba­sic tech­ni­cal re­per­to­ire, par­ti­ci­pa­tion is ra­ther po­in­tless. So if you have less than 6 mon­ths of re­gu­lar we­apon com­bat tra­ining un­der your belt, we re­com­mend you to wait until the next time. Also note that, while the event is de­si­gned for ad­van­ced free fen­cers first and fo­re­most, it also of­fers an ideal en­try into spar­ring for those who have ac­cor­ding tech­ni­cal pro­fi­ciency. There is no need to be afraid at all. The at­mo­sphere will be a very calm and che­er­ful one. People are go­ing to be de­vo­ted and de­di­ca­ted, yet there is go­ing to be no com­pe­ti­tive pres­sure.

We do expect awa­re­ness for how sharp swords work. We will not be play­ing sword tag. All free play is con­si­de­red a pre­pa­ra­tion for or a si­mu­la­tion of unar­mo­ured com­bat with sharp swords. As we be­lieve that swords are pre­ci­sion to­ols, which has been con­fir­med by prac­tice with sharp bla­des, no­body is sup­po­sed to use his tra­ining sword like a club. We will not to­le­rate any for­ce­ful fla­iling, which we con­si­der a mi­scon­cep­tion of hi­sto­ri­cal sword-fighting in the first place. On the con­trary, we very much ap­pre­ciate if you wo­uld pre­fer to go slow, in or­der to le­arn the pre­ci­sion and con­trol re­qu­ired for sword­play.

In fact, we want to pro­mote slow play as a le­ar­ning tool that helps us to fence sa­fely with mi­ni­mum gear and at the same time im­prove our skills at arms in a most ef­fi­cient and en­joy­able way. To that end, there will be an in­tro­duc­tory les­son for slow mo­tion fre­eplay in the mor­ning of day 1, both in English and Polish. There will be ano­ther one for fen­cing wi­thout pro­tec­tion for any­body in­te­re­sted. Of co­urse, no-one will be for­ced to fi­ght in slow mo­tion or wi­thout ma­sks the whole week­end. After the first lunch break on day 1, feel free to go as fast as you and your part­ner wish, but ple­ase avoid hec­tic or over-zeal. At the same time, do not he­si­tate to ask your part­ner to go slo­wer so you can le­arn pro­perly and en­joy your bo­uts. Needless to say, any com­ba­tant will be, of co­urse, expec­ted to fol­low such a re­qu­est. We hope to suc­ceed in cre­ating an at­mo­sphere of re­la­xa­tion and mu­tual trust while tra­ining se­rio­usly. We wo­uld be de­li­gh­ted if you sup­por­ted us in do­ing so. We need your good will, com­mon sense and re­spon­si­bi­lity to re­strict the risk of ac­ci­dents to the bare mi­ni­mum. We urge you to take care and are lo­oking for­ward to more safe and en­joy­able fen­cing with you.

You are sup­po­sed to bring your own equ­ip­ment. Minimum gear con­si­sts of a fen­cing mask with back-of-the-head pro­tec­tion, neck gu­ard, le­ather glo­ves, ap­pro­priate steel tra­ining we­apons like swords, mes­sers, ra­piers, dag­gers or hal­berds, wo­oden dus­sacks, staffs or hal­berds. You are we­lcome to bring ad­di­tio­nal gear, such as groin and torso pro­tec­tion. Gauntlets and he­avily pad­ded glo­ves are not re­qu­ired, but we un­der­stand if you pre­fer to bring them. However, any hand pro­tec­tion that in­hi­bits fine mo­tor skills is di­sco­ura­ged. We hope that fen­cing jac­kets like the ones that have be­come man­da­tory for HEMA to­ur­na­ments will not be used at the Fechtschule, so they are not required.?We do not en­co­urage to bring shi­nai or ny­lon swords.

There will be wa­ter at the site from taps and con­ta­iners, but in or­der to avoid pla­stic wa­ste, we will not pro­vide one-way cups or bot­tles. Please bring your own fla­sks or cups.  Don’t for­get your lunch pack! Alternatively, you can or­der pizza when you are there. In case there will be lunch buf­fets, we will let you know in time.?Please tell us if you want to join din­ner at a lo­cal re­stau­rant on Saturday ni­ght.


Sierpień 19 - 09:00
Sierpień 20 - 16:00
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