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Jihlava’s HEMA tournament – Czechy

Maj 13 - 09:00

Jihlava's HEMA tournament

SHŠ Bellátor wo­uld like to in­vite you to this year’s se­cond HEMA to­ur­na­ment. And while this year’s our third al­re­ady, we de­ci­ded to not only add ano­ther ca­the­gory to our to­ur­na­ment, but also change place and move into a big­ger gym in Jihlava. As for the new ca­the­gory; this year’s par­ti­ci­pants will be able to com­pete in both long sword and ra­pier.

The ad­ress of the gym is: Okružní 2, 586 01 Jihlava, Česká re­pu­blika, GPS co­or­din­taes: N 49°24.27290′, E 15°35.57313′

The time sche­dule is just in­di­ca­tive as we can get some de­lay thro­ughout the long sword ca­the­gory and ac­cor­ding to that we will move the ra­piers. For now it lo­oks like this:

Registraton for the long sword to­ur­na­ment: 09:00 – 09:30
Beginning of the long sword to­ur­na­ment: 10:00 – …

Registration for the ra­pier to­ur­na­ment: 14:00 – 14:30
Beginning of the ra­pier to­ur­na­ment: 15:00 – …

The star­ting fee is 350 czech crowns (14€) and will be paid on the spot.

There is a po­ssi­bi­lity to sleep over at a ho­stel from Friday to Saturday (this option is for our fo­re­ign par­ti­ci­pants tra­vel­ling lon­ger di­stan­ces). The ad­ress of the ho­stel is: Jiráskova 3960/32, 586 01 Jihlava. Each of the ro­oms ava­ila­ble has 3 beds, a TV, wifi and its own ba­th­room and is for 275 czech crowns (10€) per ni­ght. The room re­se­rva­tions will be de­alt with in­di­vi­du­ally with pe­ople in­te­re­sted in a date clo­ser to the to­ur­na­ment.

The re­gi­stra­tion form can be fil­led in here: http://tinyurl.com/jihlava-hema-en
The ru­les can be fo­und here (the en­glish trans­la­tion is be­low the czech one, so scroll a lit­tle bit, ple­ase): http://www.sermbellator.cz/zkusebni-stranka/


Maj 13
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SHŠ Bellátor
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Okružní 2
Jihlava, 586 01 Czech Republic
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